Nootkatone is an organic compound that occurs naturally in many plants, from bergamot to blood orange, but it is most commonly known for creating the characteristic bright, fresh citrus aroma of grapefruit.  It is also present in orange essential oil, which is known to have many health benefits.

Pain Relief

A 2017 clinical trial studying 60 patients with fractured limbs showed that aromatherapy with orange oil can help relieve pain. The Friedman test showed that pain in the experiment group (P = 0.0001) decreased significantly rather than the control group (0.339). 1

Reduce Anxiety

A 2015 clinical trial studying 100 women during labor showed that aromatherapy can be a noninvasive and effective method to help reduce stress and anxiety during labor. The level of anxiety for women exposed to orange oil was significantly reduced when compared with the level of the control group. 1